It’s never too early to start looking for the right photographer, especially if you’re

fussy, haha. Even though you may have just said yes and you’re still walking into things, because you’re still looking at that sparkly thing on your finger… when you get a minute and would like some real advise on just about any aspect of your day, please don’t be shy. Great images start from a great relationship and I’m only too happy to share my knowledge of over 700 weddings

in all conditions and venues, for a stress free photographic experience.

I have alot of fun on your day, because I love what I do, and being able to blend happily with family & friends means you’ll have your smile on and I’ll see those awesome shots almost before they happen.

These will tell your story and will be lasting memories unique to you. I’ve always been a photographer first, capturing weddings in a candid, relaxed way, but giving really easy direction where needed, as opposed to a wedding photographer working to a formula and this helps keep my work fresh and exciting.

Whether you're looking to have your day captured creatively, intuitively and with as much or as little experienced, easy direction as you like...with or without my Luxe or Soul album presentations, there's going to be the perfect approach for your day.

Making contact is the first thing to do. I can then check availability and if that checks out, then we’re good to catch up. ( For anyone overseas or too far away to pop in, then a Skype session might work ) When we catch up, you can tell me all about your day & I’ll ask about timing  ( I can help with that too remember ) plus any styles or moods. You might be thinking of a country hay bail in fields under a big gum tree type event, the beach, the hills, or it may be a cutting edge, city venue.

Anything in between, including destinations around Australia or the world are all possibilities.

My Passion

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Natural Wedding Photography- A Day like no other in life

It’s never early to start looking for the right photographer for your wedding! There are alot of people with cameras out there ( you’re probably one of them ) but I’m guessing you aren’t about to start taking pictures at weddings just because you can? Who doesn’t like taking pictures, because they’re just so easy right? Once you know and understand the difference a dedicated professional will make… not only will you not risk it, you’ll actually look forward to creating something special together and ideally with little effort on your part.

This is a unique day, it’s your unique day and should be perfect… you deserve awesome memories captured creatively and intuitively. So once you’ve said yes and want some genuine advise on pretty much any aspect of your big day, then please feel free to get in touch. If you’re reading this, then chances are we probably already have plenty in common? The only way to make a great day better is to have total faith in someone like myself that will happily bring my trademark energy and knowledge of over eight hundred weddings, big and small, far and near to your day. I will strive to ensure a relaxed, natural, stress free experience and this often means dealing with things quite outside of a typical photographers jurisdiction. This really only happens when you’re photographer is  observant and experienced in events and of course wants only the very best for you.

It’s what I do

Hi guys, I actually am one of the most experienced photographers in Melbourne. No outlandish claims here! I look forward to each and every wedding and can honestly say, I can’t remember when a wedding I was involved with didn’t go OFF. Meaning everyone, including myself has a ton of fun. There are often last minute decisions and fine tuning of situations to be made, that you can’t foresee, but that’s ok and dealt with professionally usually add to the day.

Your wedding day is really important, but not everyone wants to get so caught up in the planning, that they can’t enjoy it, so having the ‘right’ people/ suppliers etc by your side, in the wings and behind the scenes should give you real confidence. Knowing that someone like myself for example is with you throughout the day ( albeit discreetly ) and is happily relating to and mingling with friends and family, all the while looking for unique photographic moments and capturing the energy, smiles and laughter almost before they happen. The experience I have at these events and passion for photography means I can relax and tune in to the day around me, your day! Whether that’s at your homes or hotels, the traveling and getting there and no matter whether it’s in a grand Cathedral, a wee chapel, at sea or a remote paddock somewhere, stuff happens and I’ll be there to get it. Family shots after the ceremony can usually do with my help, or if it’s a cool city location that’s pre arranged or simply mingling in a park with friends and or bridal party, means the memories I capture will mean so much more and last a lifetime. Some photographers are so keen to slavishly reproduce their repertoire ( almost as if they have blinkers on ) and simply can’t come up with satisfactory results in anything less than 2+ hours. This is why I’m regularly taken overseas, or to unique events with ceremonies that go straight into a drink in the hand type days… because no matter what  limitations there may be, I will  produce an awesome  collection of  images. ( just imagine if I had 2-3 hours… heaven )

My style is relaxed, combining actual candid shots with fun, easy direction, but be careful of the inexperienced shooters out there. You know the ones that just shoot anything and everything and often have multiple people running around doing the same… their hit and miss ratio is very high or conversely inexperience can show up in how long it takes to actually get the photo that the photographer has in their mind, so after much posing it is no longer natural and that’s not good. In this industry and at this level, you must expect great images, but there is also so much more to what you’re investing in, from the first meeting till the final collection. So reading the play and and delivering the right balance, not only on the day but throughout the album designing stage after your day is a big part of why couples refer me, which makes me strive harder and in turn keeps my work and approach to your day fresh and innovative and known as one of the very best the wedding industry has to offer.

How to contact me

Firstly, great you’ve found me and I hope you’re enjoying the new site? Getting in touch is easy, but there are details about your day at this early stage that are important for me to know, such as the date of your wedding so we can cross reference availability. There are only so many weekends in a year and generally in Australia the Spring through to Autumn months are the most sort after, so getting in early becomes pretty important, especially when you’re keen to secure a particular photographer. Anyone planning a reception at any of the well known venues around the state, will be only too aware of how far ahead couples book in order to secure the right venue and or talent. I’m a Melbourne photographer, but if you’re in the country as in rural areas, interstate or overseas and can’t get in to see me personally, then a skype session may be the answer.

As much information as you can give me about your day is always useful and really helps to paint a picture in my mind about how your day might unfold, this in turn helps me help you better.

What’s on offer?

I’m in a cool old converted warehouse in the creative heart of Fitzroy, so a personal catch up is always rewarding. When we do, you can tell me all about the styles you might have imagined for your day… whether it’s a beautiful country manor, a hay bale under trees in a field, the beach or hills or any of the super chic urban venues in cities around the country. If you are thinking about a wedding overseas, then taking a photographer, you know will come up with the goods and that you enjoy having around, may be the only thing you can count on, as so many aspects are relatively unknown when planning an event overseas. If you’re putting in the effort with the where’s and how’s then you don’t want to skimp on something as timeless and personal as the photographs from the day.

We offer  various options for Wedding Photography in Melbourne that is both professional and natural of course. It includes the ‘Shoot Only’ approach to the day or full album packages from 4-10 hours during which time I’ll work my magic, capturing an unlimited collection of awesome memories, of not only yourselves, but everyone around you including, friends, fam and venues , plus a lot’s of ideas if you need them and a ton of fun, even if you don’t.

It’s pretty hard to show you here, but I am very confident you’ll love what you see in terms of albums that are not available anywhere else, unique boxed photo sets, wall prints, parent books, pre wedding or engagement shoots and of course portraits of people of any age.

Our Pricing

Unlimited High Res shots on USB is $300 per hour ( min 3hrs ) and includes my gorgeous rose gold and crystal USB and hard silk case

The album coverage day is just $400 per hour ( min 5hrs ) and includes my famous custom designed, matte inkjet, lay flat 12×12” albums. The longer the day, the more you have towards your album!

Both approaches include 2/ 10×14” wall prints

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