Portraits…snap shots of life. Brand new arrivals or really ancients. Giggly or sad, manic & mad are all best captured in their own environments and I love them all.

This is life and is well worth celebrating!

I have so many great ideas for your shots and how they might be displayed, so if the time is right, and lets face it, if not now then when, as lots of things in life can wait, but children grow up right before your eyes & they are definitely years you want to make the most of…  Being a Melbourne portrait photographer, I see the changes in other families I’ve photographed and in my very own girls. Any age is better than never, but feel free to get in touch and we can chat about the gorgeous possibilities each age and personality can offer.

My sitting fee is just $175 and may include visiting your home or location

within 10 km of the CBD. A minimum loose print order of $400 does apply, though

custom print prices are very reasonable and framing, block mounting, canvases

USB’s and books are all available, along with sound advise

and cool in studio viewing sessions.

People Pics

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Sort after Portrait Photographer in Melbourne

The idea of portrait photography or more simply put, photography of people, has gone through many phases over the years. Obviously tastes change and the way a photographer might go about capturing a subject has come and gone, but for discerning clients and people that want to use photography to dig little deeper, visually, to really explore the medium and not simply accept that what comes out of the camera is who that person is. Years of studying art and learning about different approaches and techniques and then refining them and making them my own, has taken interpreting a scene, person etc to the next level. The approach that I have always maintained and the one that has stood the test of time and the one that keeps all my couples and families coming back to me over the years, is about seeing the best in people and recognising and making the most of someones attributes. When it comes to children photography for example, they are all so gorgeous and rarely need much work, but like everyone, it’s important to break down any preconceptions and try and get them onside, but more about that later.

So rather than imposing an idea or a look on someone, my style is certainly unique, but is largely up to me and doesn’t require the subject to do much that is out of the ordinary for them.  I was awarded the Herald Sun award for portraiture a few years ago because of this style. In fact, the more they are themselves the better it often is and the resulting images say a lot and become memorable, even powerful. Done well, they not only capture a time and place, but say a lot about that person and in this way will stand the test of time. It’s easy to manipulate a scene or person these days, but capturing something real was very novel 15 years ago, yet has come into it’s own today. This is what I bring to the table on any shoot we undertake and it’s what has made me a sort after portrait photographer Melbourne.


Getting comfortable is what it’s all about and this goes for both photographer and sitter. It doesn’t matter wether the person being photographed is 1 month old or 100 years old it all comes down to having empathy for who or what your shooting. Even though I have a great studio available to me to photograph quite large groups for example, I quickly decided that there were too many limitations about shooting a person, especially a child, on a background in side. Kids don’t stand still long and the quicker you work that out, the better. Generally, if they do stand still, it’s because someone has told them to and they then cease to be themselves. Plenty of kids do stand still though by themselves, but not for long. That’s ok, because I don’t need long and any shoot for ‘real people’ shouldn’t be draining or difficult. That’s my firm belief and what keeps people coming back. It’s this same approach that works so well for Commercial jobs that after all involve, real people. I have developed the knack of reading the play and accessing the potential of a situation very quickly and can then spend the time needed to relax and get to know the people in front of me, making sure it’s natural and fun.

Most people don’t like being photographed, even ones that love photography and appreciate the idea of capturing some amazing images, that often become timeless art, but they often come to a session with preconceived ideas, so this often puts up a barrier between myself and them, so actually educating people about the process and my ideas as we go is a great icebreaker and one that unites us. If you’re in it with them, for them, in a comfortable and enjoyably, neutral environment, then great things can happen. Any awkwardness or nerves just evaporate and I enjoy the shoot as much as them. Think leafy parks in autumn, swaying grasses and paths in summer or over hanging branches and flowers that frame a scene at other times. Floor boards at home, window light or simple pieces of furniture are all lovely things to work with and capture a natural, relaxed energy, no matter where you are in Melbourne.

People will generally take photos of their own kids for example, in burst or at a set time and expect a certain look from the child. You take the shot and the camera is put aside. The child learns this and gives their best photo face, which as you know can be very unlike that actual person. You know the one… the huge squinty grin, or stiff stand up straight you’re been photographed look, but once they realise, this guy isn’t going anywhere, and they’ve done their best cheesy grins, they then start to be themselves and that’s when I go to work.


We’ve talked about about how I go about working with people of any age and that’s a huge part of the image, but there’s the style and mood and atmosphere a great photographer will impart and this should start in the camera I believe. A good photographer will see the potential in any scene and this isn’t necessarily one obvious to everyone. The physical environment is what most people see, but because a creative, professional photographer will know their equipment backwards, they will know what a particular scene will look like with a super fast lens, that will blur out a background and create a really pleasing look to a face. Hard edges and shapes, where the light and shadow falls can all look quite different to a photographer and this is a big buzz, when clients get to see what I was seeing for the first time. Many are genuinely amazed and like me, very excited about the potential of the finished product. As my work is not stiff and rigidly posed, my speciality is in motion and movement… everyone can do this naturally with little help and it really helps to animate a scene. It’s particularly good for families with kids of walking age or young groups, even kids running are hard to capture, but so exciting when you get it right. So animation and working quickly, have been the recipe for my success.

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