As in all aspects of business promotion these days, whether you’re a large company or small business, the need for potential clients and the public in general, to be able to not only find you, but see that your company is real, with real people and real personalities, that are relatable is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bank ( look how relatable they're trying to be ) a manufacturer, furniture seller, law firm, a drinks company, restaurant or medical practise… it has never been more important than in todays economic climate and attitude.

Whether you’re onboard with social media or still to incorporate it into your business, it will play a huge role in how a business is perceived. People want to know that there’s more to your company than just a shiny surface.

Having shot and documented hundreds of events, I’ve become very good at interpreting and capturing the unique energy/ personality of a function or event. Your PR crew will love having material like this to work with. It is so much more than just documenting and this is what will set you apart from other event images.

Being able to capture both the professional and human aspect at an event is what it’s all about. Many events/ functions have typically been documented in a fairly stiff or ‘corporate’ manner, but all that has changed.

Being able to capture your current and potential clients personalities and how they experience an event in a photo essay, is what I’m recognised for and has put me at the forefront of this genre.

This is particularly useful for your sponsors, stall holders and promoters alike, showing them in the best possible light and getting across a vital and vibrant connection, whether it’s in Melbourne or Australia.

Whether you have a huge fundraiser, corporate awards night, Expo or gala dinner… how you are perceived by the attendees and the greater community is critical.

The images and memories from such events, become invaluable, especially for marketing purposes afterwards.

Event Organisers - More often than not, my client is an event company, also responsible for making their client look good, so my images are brilliant for marketing purposes all around. After all, I don’t know a company that wouldn’t benefit from a greater audience reach, more respect, perhaps admired even, in this fickle information sharing, technically savvy, climate today.

Finding the best professional photographer in Melbourne for your event is vital. The right one will be a true asset. You can be assured that years of public photographic experience means that I can interpret any situation immediately, allowing me to blend in and capture the action, or be there to ensure any formalities run smoothly.

Well presented, well spoken and enthusiastic are just a base line and being able to work independently or closely with organisers is a given. Images captured perfectly and delivered efficiently will complete the experience and ensure your event is remembered for all the right reasons, long after its over.

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