Portraits...snap shots of life. Brand new arrivals or really ancients. Giggly or sad, manic & mad are all best captured in their own environments and I love them all. I even have 3 of my own and still love them. Sure they all take selfies and the phones are never far away, but if you know the difference and are looking to take things to the next level, then I think you'll enjoy what I do very much.

Exciting, timeless shots are a must, but the experience should also be great!

This is life and is well worth celebrating!

I have so many great ideas for your shots and how they might be displayed. Whether you're looking for a series of beautiful wall prints, framed, block mounted or on canvas, from little 6x4" desk size prints to giant wall art, I can help. Having alot of fun and working quickly, but never rushing, helps not only young kids relax, but oldies too, and if they're in an environment such as the home, a park/ gardens the beach or somewhere fun, then those timeless memories that can be so hard to capture will happen. So if the time is right, and lets face it, if not now then when, as lots of things in life can wait, but children grow up right before your eyes & they are definitely years you want to make the most of... Any age is better than never, but feel free to get in touch and we can chat about the gorgeous possibilities each age and personality can offer.

Little cherubs, one & all

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Gift Certificates or Gift Vouchers are a fantastic idea and are a great impetus for young, busy families for example, to have there kids captured beautifully. It’s as much about the experience as the finished art, as both will last a lifetime. I have so many families that come back time and time again, as their families grow and I’m always amazed at how well, really young kids remember the last shoot, often recounting the quirkiest details, so it’s certainly a fun, shared experience. You might want to  consider Christmas, grandparents and other family members, that may wish to be involved. Either in the shots or as recipients of course.

Children Photography

Best Child & Newborn Portraits in Melbourne – Cherishing the Gift of Photography

Children make fantastic photographic subjects and their energy and enthusiasm  always spur me on and often push me further than I thought possible, when it comes to capturing that sometimes elusive look, mood or atmosphere. I often see it in a person right away, but actually capturing it is another story and being able to do that is something I will always cherish. Because of this approach I have never pigeon holed anyone and it is quite possible to create something that is so special and memorable. There is a kind of innocence and simplicity about their beauty and their actions and the way they interact with brothers or sisters is always interesting and often hilarious ( even if their parents don’t think so )

I’m well known for my Child photography in Melbourne, though it’s a great reputation that has evolved over time rather than a pop up claim. With my extensive background in art and design for example and father to three awesome kids who are truly the apple of my eye, I have been fortunate to be involved in every aspect of parenthood. I say fortunate, because it has been an education and this knowledge is something I know I bring to every shoot. It is important to treasure all the moments of your kid’s childhood, but there comes a time often, when you want more than your own ability, camera, phone etc can ever achieve and that’s what I’m here for. If you are interested in getting new born photography in Melbourne, then that’s definitely another stage that is well worth capturing. If your organised enough and not too shell shocked from the birth, then great images are to be had, from capturing your bub as young as a month.

HOW I WORK… Newborns

Coming to your home for these shots is definitely the way to go, as you don’t need to cart the ever growing collection of babies accessories across town for example and sleeps aren’t interrupted or at least can be better worked around and everyone is in an environment they know and are comfortable with. You’ll have everything baby needs at your finger tips and we should be able to have some real fun as well. New borns don’t do a lot, but don’t think they don’t make for amazing subjects, because their sheer size or lack of, means shots of them, especially with you are incredible. Their little heads are often no bigger than the palm of dads hand or they can struggle to wrap their hand around one of your fingers… awesome, and this will change daily, so becomes so important to shoot at this early age. Because babies are neither sitting up nor standing, clothes rarely look good on them , so nude skin shots of new- born photography are beautiful and if parents wear a neutral dark colour, the shape and form of these tiny creatures being cuddled and swaddled and loved, looks so right.

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