Portraits...snap shots of life. Brand new arrivals or really ancients. Giggly or sad, manic & mad are all best captured in their own environments and I love them all. The phone is handy and you can snap all the pics you like, but nothing will compare to the quality and of course the fact that you can all be in the shot together makes them truly timeless.

This is life and is well worth celebrating!

I have so many great ideas for your shots and how they might be displayed, so if the time is right, and lets face it, if not now then when, as lots of things in life can wait, but children grow up right before your eyes & they are definitely years you want to make the most of... Any age is better than never, but feel free to get in touch and we can chat about the gorgeous possibilities each age and personality can offer.

Having photographed people of all ages and walks of life has really helped me read people, which in turn helps me relax even the most shy characters ( you know who you are ) When people are in familiar settings or in neutral, unpressured environments, they relax and this in turn helps me capture yourselves, your kids etc in my own unique candid style. I have alot of families telling me how excited their kids are to have the next shoot and that they've been asking about me, so that's a win... especially for anyone who's had kids that aren't on the same page as yourselves.

Whether its for Mothers Day or Fathers Day, Christmas or celebrating a significant anniversary that brings all of your family together, the experience and fun you'll have capturing these times is my specialty and I'm confident they'll be remember, cherished & shared, long after the shoot.

My Work

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Excellence in the art of the candid photography

Candid is a great word and one that gets thrown around alot. Done well though, it should put many people at ease, because when most people contemplate being photographed they think of drawn out session in front of a big camera. Though this is still true for many, it is definitely not what relaxes couples at a wedding or portrait shoot, nor brings out the best in real people in real situations. On a wedding day for example, there is structure to the day, whether you like it or not and includes times and places you have to be etc, but it’s rarely a one on one situation and you have each other remember and will often have a bridal party and or friends around you. This is great and creates energy that others tend to bounce off. So don’t sweat the photo shoot and instead go with the flow, because that’s what a good photographer will be doing.

Candid Photography and you

Enjoy your partner and you’re time together and the rest of the day will fall into place. I’m assuming you’ve done a ton of planning before the day so let the people helping you do their thing and you do yours ie feel loved and enjoy each others company and this will create an environment that allows candid images to happen easily. Alot is happening on a wedding day. There’s back stories and personalities to each and every one there and places to be etc so there’s not alot of idle time, but that’s cool, because it means your busy and doing things and mingling and hanging out with your besties and this is exactly the time candid works well. A planned photo of un-posed subjects!

A Professional Touch

Candid images can happen anywhere and be of any thing, but are usually of people by definition. So a candid photographer is not candid themselves, rather they are skilled in photographing others candidly. It’s usually when you’re focused or involved in whatever it is needs doing. It can be as simple as snuggling or delivering the punchline to a story, but this is where easy, natural story telling, comes into it’s own. You don’t need the latest and greatest back drop or venue for a candid image to be it’s powerful best… It’s all about knowing people, the timing, being intuitive and open to the possibilities, that make it so powerful. The best photographers are skilled at reading the play and embrace many visual opportunities, whether they’re obviously striking or seemingly insignificant.

 Candid wedding photography in Melbourne

There’s a lot of ways you can be photographed for Wedding Photography in Melbourne, but what you find when you book my service is a long history of successful days and a service second to none, that includes both the striking, memorable creative photographs, perfectly offset by quirky, candid storytelling images of your event. Many of my couples most treasured images are those that were never anticipated or planned and this is very much part of why you book a experienced professional. It maybe the excited look you give a girlfriend as she calls your name when you get out of the car or a special glance you give your mum down the aisle. Memorable stand alone photographs that include the spontaneity of the guests, you guys and so many other beautiful moments. I am not saying I’m the best Candid Wedding Photographer in Melbourne but I do have plenty of awards and lots of happy couples that would testify to that. Candid is super exciting, because the shots are not only unknown to a  degree, but done well are so exciting because they’re totally unique to you. They’re not pre planned but are instead the result of an intuitive photographer that tunes in to yourselves and the action/ energy around a certain situation. But as I’ve always said, there needs to be a balance… so get this right and there will be lots of smiles.

Candid portrait Services

I not only offer candid wedding photography in Melbourne of course, but apply this approach to all my shoots. That can include stunning Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts, or a fantastic  Christmas gift.  I’ve captured many gatherings for couples parents, 40th, 50th, 60th anniversaries that are just such a joy to be part of. I love the banter and the history among the family and this in turn has brought everyone together. I make sure that these moments are remembered for a long time even after the event, by integrating and socialising and making the whole shoot a great experience. You maybe gathered for a lunch, but 40 minutes of your/ my time will be well remembered and I has become a tradition for many.

Portraits are perfect for my candid approach and your kids will love it.  I have alot of fun and really enjoy working with tackers of all ages. I will make sure you have more than just a memory of all the people you love and care about. I want you to treasure these moments! Unlike much of today’s disposable and largely forgettable shots we all snap these days, the shots I’ll create for you,  just may make it to another generation, because I’ve been there and have seen the difference a genuinely great shot will make to people.  Feel free to get in touch with me any time and discuss any of the wonderful options available to you.

After all, this is life and it deserves to be celebrated.

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